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Monday, Apr. 05, 2021 - 21:44

Everyone else starts crying during that new google vaccine commercial, right? It's another one of those things that we're all collectively crying at, yeah?

Midway through this afternoon I changed from pants into sweatpants, partially because it was a cold and rainy day, partially because I stayed up way too late last night and am tired, partially because my weird project just got weirder and I needed something nice.

It was freezing last Monday and Tuesday, then warmed up considerably and I got sunburned on my shoulders on Saturday. Yesterday I dug up the last of my sprinkler system, swapped out a couple heads and completely replaced another, and reburied the two drain valves that I found. There's some mysterious branch to the sprinkler system that I haven't been able to figure out - may have to dig up the yard a bit more to try to find it.

Last night my dog and I went over to a neighbor's house for a bonfire. He ran around and got all dirty, got lots of pets, helped the host dog dig a deep hole in the garden and helped her keep watch on the alley. We got home around 9:30 and then I stayed up past midnight for no reason. It started raining in the night and was sprinkling all day today, cold again.

The puppy has a cancerous tumor on his tail. It was diagnosed last Tuesday, so my dog and I went over to the old place to see him. It was cold and my dog was wearing his coat. We went back two days later to get an errant package that had been delivered for me over there, and it was t-shirt weather.

The puppy is doing fine. He doesn't care if he's got a tumor on his tail. He's getting surgery next week.

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