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Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020 - 12:03

I went to yoga on Thursday - I think it's been a year since I last went. Over that year, my balance degraded a little, which is scary. Much of yoga is about fart control.

We've only got five more weeks left in the training program and we're ramping up all this shit. We're starting on our final group projects. Next week is Apex, which I'm looking forward to so much. This week we did some SQL and data analytics. Fun! Also, no word on our "interviews" - we weren't guaranteed a job after this, we were guaranteed interviews, right? But it seems like the job is a given (unless you really fuck up, I suppose). I really hope I can get into the developer track because I like coding and shit.

I have to get in a few hours today on web stuff from my old job but I don't want to at all. It's hard to force myself to work even 2 hours every other week. My last paycheck from there was like $42. Plus health insurance, so.... I turned in my keys yesterday. I don't miss working there at all.

Yesterday I was riding my road bike around to my meetings because there wasn't any snow or ice on the roads. Last night a storm came in and now we've got a little snow, and it's supposed to get really cold. They had been saying lows below 0, but now it looks like it won't get that cold, which is actually a bummer - I think it's important to get super cold, at least for a little bit.


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