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Sunday, Dec. 09, 2018 - 19:41

There was this dumb thing that happened on the internet a few days ago - someone put something on the twitter, and a handful of people reacted to it. The dumb local paper ran a dumb story about this dumb minor thing - it wasn't even a thing, and only a few people had anything to say about it. Then the person who originally posted the thing posted another thing saying, basically, thanks for the interesting discussion about this thing. Then someone else wrote up a big long blog post about how this was the most troubling thing that had ever happened around here and the future is terribly uncertain now. Then someone I know posted a link to this blog post on facebook. Then I clicked on the link, read the dumb post, and wrote a comment about how this is a dumb internet controversy about nothing. And since then I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to respond to me, but no one has! I want to get into an internet argument about this! I have multitudinous points to make! But I can't post those points because I'll look like a crazy person responding to myself! But I might have to do that because no one wants to fight me! Aggghh, come on you lily-livered internet warriors, get back on facebook and fight with me!

My dog and I went on a two-hour walk (or, rather, an "urban hike") today, like we did yesterday. Yesterday he zonked out afterwards, so my plan today was to take him on a big long hike to tire him out, and then go to the gym and the laundromat while he was taking a nap and he'd be so tired he wouldn't be able to destroy anything while I was gone. Well... my plan worked! He was a very good boy! Nothing was destroyed! But then, later, I saw that one of my tan suede boots was in his bed. I hadn't noticed it because it blended in with one of his blankets. It wasn't chewed up or anything, it had just been transported from the bottom of the stairs and up into his bed. I suppose that's still very good of him. I'm sure he thought about chewing it up but decided against it. What a sort of good boy!

I think I'm done painting, finally. There are still some touch-ups, but the major project is done. Hooray! I think I started this in September, maybe October.

I am listening to very boring radio right now. Time to make dinner and then stay up way too late being very tired but doing nothing about it. Good night.

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