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Monday, Nov. 30, 2020 - 18:33

I switched bedrooms over the long weekend. When I first moved in, it seemed like a good idea to sleep in the small bedroom and use the bigger bedroom for my office. But when I had house guests it seemed very dumb to be in the small bedroom. I switched the curtains so my bedroom still has the blackout curtains. I'm not sure, really, how good it is to have blackout curtains, to think it must still be 3 in the morning when it's 7:30 in the morning, but....

I mailed in my first ever mortgage payment today. If I'd had my druthers earlier (I mean, if I'd actually been productive at any time over the previous two months) I'd have been able to set up automatic payments from my checking account, but I had no druthers and didn't get it set up in time, so off my check went into the mail. I did set up my account online last night, and there's a calculator tool that you can use to see what happens if you add, for example, an extra $50 per month to your principal. If I did that, I would make my last payment in November 2049 instead of December 2050!

Once I get through this month, I can update my budget and see how much money I won't be saving more every month.

Tonight it's cold and dark and I think I'm just going to make myself some dinner and watch a dumb Christmas movie. I always feel like I need to be productive and do something, but tonight I don't want to.

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